How to Fold a Baby Trend Stroller How to Fold a Baby Trend Stroller

Master the Art: How to Fold Baby Trend Stroller Like a Pro

Folding up your Baby Trend stroller is a breeze once you know how. With a wide range of stroller types from sit and stands to joggers, mastering the folding mechanism is key for easy storage and transportation. This comprehensive guide will teach you How to Fold a Baby Trend Stroller in just a few quick steps.

How to Fold a Baby Trend Stroller

Overview of Baby Trend Stroller Types

Baby Trend offers lightweight and versatile strollers perfect for infants through big kids. Popular models include:

  • Sit and Stand Double Strollers: Allow older sibling to stand on rear platform while baby sits in front seat. Fold by flipping seats inward and rotating wheels.
  • Sit and Stand DX Strollers: Feature stadium-style rear seat for better visibility. Fold same way but are longer when folded.
  • Sit and Stand ELX Strollers: Higher-end model with one-hand fold for both seats.
  • Snap-N-Go EX Strollers: Frame strollers for infant car seats to snap into. Simple one-hand fold with release lever.
  • Snap-N-Go LX Strollers: Accepts car seats and comes with a canopy, parent tray, and storage basket. Folds easily with one hand.
  • Travel Systems: Combo that pairs stroller with matching infant car seat. Fold both together or separate.
  • Popular models are the Expedition and EZ Ride 5 Travel Systems
  • Jogging Strollers: Sportier strollers with air-filled tires for smoother ride. Fold with strap release and lever squeeze.
  • Flex Lock Joggers: Have a swivel wheel good for everyday or locked for jogging.
  • Umbrella/Lightweight Strollers: Compact and portable. Most fold easily with one hand.
  • The Breeze strollers are good for travel since they weigh under 12 lbs.

Each stroller folds using a release lever and lock mechanism. Once unlocked, the frame collapses inward on itself for compact storage.

Preparing Your Baby Trend Stroller for Folding

Before starting the folding process, it helps to do the following preparation steps:

  • Check manual for special notes about your model. Key areas that vary:
  • Where fold latches and levers are located
  • If wheels need rotating in
  • Order for releasing canopies or accessories
  • Differences in fold of single vs double seats
  • Extend canopy fully to avoid any snags. Canopies that are extended will simply collapse downward when folded.
  • Recline seats completely flat.Allows seats to fold flatter.
  • Remove accessories like trays, bassinets, etc. Cupholders, parent trays, or bassinets if attached must be taken off first.
  • Ensure parking brake is on so stroller doesn’t roll away as you’re folding it.

Following these simple preparation steps allows your stroller to fold smoothly every time without anything getting stuck.

Folding the Stroller Frame

All Baby Trend stroller frames fold in a similar one-handed motion:

  1. Locate fold lever: This release latch is typically on the side of the stroller frame. But placement varies – check manual if unsure. Lever may be replaced with side squeeze buttons or fold clips on some models instead of a squeeze lever.
  2. Lift/squeeze the lever: This unlocks the frame, releasing any tension so it can fold. You’ll hear an audible click when activated correctly.
  3. Guide stroller closed: Frame will easily collapse downward and inward on itself in one fluid motion. No need to force – just guide gently once lever is activated.

Jogging and some twin strollers have an extra safety strap near the back wheels to release first before folding the rest of the frame.

Helpful Tips for Folding Frame

  • Stand beside rather than directly behind the stroller for the best accessibility and leverage.
  • Initiate collapse slowly allowing momentum to finish fold. Prevent pinched fingers by keeping hands clear of movable joints.
  • Expect some resistance – the frame should fold smoothly but not freely/forcefully when the lever is activated. Don’t force.

Folding the Seats

On models with seats that aren’t removable, take a few extra seconds to fold seats after collapsing the frame:

Folding the Seats
  • Flip seats inward toward center rather than out to make more compact. Rotate any adjustable calf supports inward as well.
  • Fold or remove canopy: Fully extend canopy first, then push forward to collapse downward. Or, slide off entirely.
  • Collapse tray(s): Rotate any snack trays or parent trays inward or slide outward to remove.

Rotating wheels inward after folding may help stroller stand upright for storage but is not necessary for all models.

Securing Baby Trend Stroller Closed

To keep stroller securely folded for storage or transport:

  • Engage auto-lock: Many models have sliding button locks on the side of the frame that automatically engage when folded correctly.
  • Fasten safety strap: On other lightweight strollers, manually wrap strap around frame to contain it.
  • Check stability: Gently tug on frame and try to unfold to ensure auto latches or strap caught properly. Should not release.

Do not hang heavy bags like diaper bags from the handles when folded as this uneven weight distribution can damage framing joints over time.

Unfolding Your Folded Stroller

When ready to use stroller again:

  • Release locks/straps: Unclip any straps and slide button locks to disengage.
  • Extend frame + handle: Push out on opposite sides of stroller frame to open – either side/corner of frame and end of handle until everything locks back into place.
  • Expect some resistance – do not force. Simply guiding gently will activate the auto-locking mechanism when fully extended.
  • Reattach accessories: Canopy, trays, etc.

Mastering how to easily fold up your Baby Trend stroller opens up a world of portability and storage convenience. While specific locking mechanisms may vary across models, the overall folding process remains quick and simple. Just remember to consult your manual for tips and always prep by removing accessories first. With the right technique, you can go from pushing to carrying your stroller in under a minute! This article might help unlock “How to Fold Baby Trend Stroller”.

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